Hello friends!

This is my first attempt at a blog post and I gotta say, I keep deleting sentences and thinking way too much into this, so bear with me.  Anyways, getting to the point here; I felt it was time to start sharing my music with you all! I am constantly listening to music when im thrifting or while working on late night sewing projects in my little studio. So -- it dawned on me one day to share the tunes that keep me feeling inspired. This first mix is a bunch of oldies & some new tunes that have been putting a smile on my face lately. I feel like when the warmer weather approaches I always gravitate to this nostalgic vibe even more than usual. For optimum enjoyment - next sunny day I suggest you to go take a drive, roll down the windows and feel the warm breeze flow through your fingertips..... Link below 


xx Montana 



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